Neville Per

My name is Neville and I live and breathe stone baths and basins, which is what lead me to run my own business with a team of dedicated staff.

I have been in the bathroomware business for over 50 years, and still get a kick from providing people with a product that they will love. In fact- I still recall a wonderful customer telling me that she renovated her home around the beautiful bathtub that I provided.

Give me a call- If I don’t have the product, I will help you find the product.

I am available most times, including weekends to have a chat.  My mobile is 0413 735 778.

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Why Choose Kaskade?


Range is from $2,000 to $20,000 – we are positioned close to the least expensive but puts us in the same category as the most expensive when it comes to formulation and consistency of quality of supply.


We back our product by offering a 7-year warranty. Every manufacturer talks about quality and service, but we have passed the test of time by supplying to top end retailers like Reece and Beaumonts for over a decade.


The most popular baths and basins are held in stock and can be despatched same day. But we have another 100 baths and basins which can be obtained within 90 days from end of month.


Every order we receive from a retailer is cherished by us. Whether you want the product the next day or year, we will ensure you receive it when you want it. We can deliver the bath to your driveway/kerb or into the bathroom.


We can do matte & gloss, with and without an overflow, exterior of the bath in grey or black or in a bespoke colour and wide & thin rim. We often find solutions such as finding a stone bath which can be left outside on a beach.


We only supply stone baths and basins – that’s all we do in the Bathroomware space. We don’t sell toilets and taps and showers. We only sell baths and basins. We are focussed on this category and we are specialists in it.


We test the products according to Australian Standards at an approved laboratory in Melbourne and we don’t change factories too often. We have been with the same factory for 10 years.

Colour Finishes

These are applied only to the exterior of the product, applied by an accredited Dulux spray painter.

History of Kaskade

Since the 1920s we’ve been creating state-of-the-art baths, using the latest innovations and technology. From galvanised iron tubs in a dusty gold mining village to sturdy cast iron baths and eventually the first fused, sleek free standing bath designed and manufactured in Australia. The KASKADE brand offers customers around the world architecturally beautiful stone baths and basins, designed to be the exquisite sculptural centrepiece of extra special bathrooms.

History of baths

The first documented bathing facilities date back as far as 3000BC to ancient India and the Palace of Indus Valle. Evidence suggests that the ancient Egyptians designed and constructed limestone bathing areas in the homes of the wealthy, where servants would pour water over their masters. Remains of the first single freestanding bathtub were found on the Greek Island of Crete, made from hardened pottery.

The bath has evolved and reinvented itself with ever changing materials in the 5,000 years since its creation. Although modern bathing see us heading back to natural solutions, KASKADE bridges this gap to unveil the ultimate bath, a KASKADE bath.