Welcome to our Timeless Range of Stone Baths, where luxury meets durability and style. For 15 years our Timeless collection of freestanding stone Baths has been adorning homes everywhere in Australia , offering a touch of elegance and sophistication to every bathroom.

At the heart of our Timeless Range lies the iconic 1700 Oval Aveo Bath, a masterpiece that epitomizes luxury and sophistication. Weighing 189 kgs and featuring a rim of 25mm, this Bath is a statement piece that adds both style and functionality to any bathroom.

With 21 models to choose from, including Oval, Egg, Slipper, Rectangular, Back to Wall, Round, designs, our Timeless Range offers versatility to suit any taste and preference. Whether you prefer the classic curves of an Oval Bath the extravagance of a Round bath, ¬†there’s a perfect option for every home.

One of the key features of our Timeless Range is its lower height compared to other ranges, making it an ideal choice for individuals who prefer a sunken look or require ease of access, . This design element adds a touch of luxury while enhancing accessibility and comfort.

Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of relaxation with our Timeless Range of Freestanding Stone Baths. Explore our collection today and experience the timeless beauty and exceptional quality that has made our Baths and basins a favourite among homeowners in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane for 20 years.

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