From what are KASKADESTONE BATHS manufactured from?

All baths being referred to as stone or solid surface or a variety of other similar names are actually composites – resin and a filler – in our case resin and calcium carbonate. Calcium Carbonate is also known as limestone and it is probably from the word stone, in limestone, that these baths are called stone baths.

Some manufacturers say their product has a majority of limestone in their recipe making it a much hardier product. What percentage limestone is in the KASKADESTONE baths?

Kaskade’s product has 50% resin and 50% limestone. We doubt that any more limestone will make it a better product – in fact the contrary – if we could manufacture our product from 70% limestone and 30% resin we would definitely do so – resin is manyfold more expensive than limestone which is actually very cheap

Why would I buy a stone bath and not an acrylic bath?

Good quality acrylic baths will last as long a stone bath and you will be as clean when you get out of acrylic bath as you would from a stone bath. So why should I spend about $1,000 extra?

Stone baths

  • Look and feel solid and they are much more-so than an acrylic bath
  • Have a far greater aesthetic appeal than a ‘plastic’ (acrylic) bath
  • Are sculpturally pleasing and stand out as a centrepiece in any bathroom
  • Will lift the prestige and value of your home

Why would I buy a stone bath from KASKADE as opposed to its competitors?

  • PRICE – Oval (RS12-1700) Less than $2995 ex Melbourne from participating retailers and delivered to your driveway metro Capital City for $155
  • QUALITY & SERVICE 10 years in existence serving top end retailers like Reece and Beaumonts
  • RANGE – approximately 35 baths and 45 basins
  • VERSATILITY we can colour the exterior of the bath in your bespoke colour; we can make bespoke baths and basins (at a surcharge) if you just cannot find anything to your liking
  • WARRANTY – 7 Years.
  • ACCESSORIES – Headrests + Stone Domed Waste + Walnut Caddies.
  • INSTALLATION – Easier to install than our competitors – adjustable feet on the base
  • VERSATILITY – we can deliver direct to driveway.

How do I clean and maintain my stone bath from KASKADE?


    • EVERYDAY Cleaning – a good quality microfibre cloth and dishwashing liquid (without a citrus content)
    • STUBBORN STAINS – JIF Cream or Gumption

How do I install my stone bath from KASKADE?

Where can I buy a KASKADE bath?

KASKADE Baths are only available from authorised retailers.

Find a retailer

Will a KASKADE Freestanding Bath fit in my bathroom?

There is a KASKADE Freestanding Bath to suit most bathroom layouts, no matter what space or design you have. The Amica bath at 1500mm x 680mm is ideal for smaller bathroom spaces providing an angular look.

For bathroom designs with natural curves, the Solaya bath at 1570mm x 670mm will be the perfect complement to your luxury bathroom. Where filling larger spaces is the objective, the Omnia bath at 1350mm in diameter will proudly sit in large bathrooms. No matter what space you have available, and no matter what style you have in mind, one of the luxury stone baths by KASKADE will surely provide you with a unique, elegant, tranquil, and ultimately beautiful bathroom.

Is a KASKADE Bath comfortable to bathe in?

The KASKADE surface, and the geometric shapes available make a KASKADE Bath quite simply the most comfortable tub to bathe in. There is a KASKADE Freestanding Bath to suit most body shapes and sizes, whether you like to bathe alone or with a partner. If personal relaxation is of top priority then the Stratos bath is probably the most suitable. If indulgent bathing meditation is your aim, then the Epura bath will tick all the boxes. If bathing in company then the Aveo bath will provide a unique bathing experience for partners.

Where do I put my taps for a KASKADE Bath?

There are many bath filling options available. You can use either floor standing or wall mounted bath taps, with or without hand shower kits, which will only add to the fantastic look of your KASKADE Bath.

Where space is an issue, the wall mounted bath taps (either bath filler kit, bath shower mixer or bath spout with separate mixer valve) will probably be more suitable. If the bathroom allows a little more space for the KASKADE Bath to take centre stage then a floor standing bath shower mixer or floor standing bath spout will add the WOW factor to an already beautiful setting.


  • Use a Bi-Metal Cobalt Hole Saw
  • Use a new hole saw for every 3/4 holes
  • Use a standard good quality cordless drill.
  • Drill from the finish side inwards
  • Do not drill too fast or too much heat will be generated
  • Recommended supplier of Hole Saws – Sutton Tools 1800 335 350

Does a KASKADE Stone Bath have an overflow?

KASKADE Baths do not have an overflow.

Can I rely on your Drawings to do my Preparation for Installation?

Dimensions in our drawings have been provided by the factory to their best knowledge and belief; we recommend awaiting delivery of the product to ensure complete accuracy. KASKADE will accept no responsibility for consequential loss if reliance is placed on dimensions in this drawing

Will my bathroom floor take the weight of a KASKADE Freestanding Stone Bath?

Most properties will be able to take the weight of a KASKADE Bath, however sometimes with slight modification. We would always recommend that you seek professional advice before installation.

Will my floor be suitable for a KASKADE Bath?

A KASKADE Bath must be installed onto a solid, level surface that will not allow any movement, if you are unsure that your floor will be suitable we would recommend that you seek advice from a structural engineer.

How heavy are KASKADE Baths?

Beware of cheap and light, plastic based imitations! A KASKADE Bath is made from high quality limestone composite material. Our lightest bath is 139 Kg and our heaviest 215 Kg. The weight of our stone baths are shown on each bath product page.

Does a KASKADE Bath retain heat well?

The material of a KASKADE Bath can withhold working temperatures of up to 355 C as opposed to 50 C of acrylic, has a thermal shock resistance 5 times that of acrylic, and conducts (therefore retains) heat at almost ten times the rate of acrylic. The compressive strength of acrylic is 80 MPa compared with 700MPa of limestone.

Can I get a coloured bath/basin?

Yes, but it is rather expensive. Please call us on 03 9041 2724  for further information.

How is the colour applied to the bath/basin?

We use an accredited Dulux spray painter. He applies a two pack Dulux automotive paint to the bath.

What colours of baths/basins can I get?

We do matte black almost exclusively but we can match to any colour. The cost of colour matching is $110 and this applies whether you go ahead or not. For the $110 we supply you with a matched swatch.

What is the cost of painting a bath / basin?

Bath — $1,965
Bench Top Basin — $425
Free Standing Basin — $735

What is the Warranty of painted products?

3 years

Why is the painting so expensive compared to your competitors?

Some of our competitors get the painting done in Asia where it is a fraction of the price but we have the same fraction of confidence in their paint job.

How long does it take to get a product painted?

A maximum of 3 weeks – most often much quicker

What waste do I use with my KASKADE Bonn basin?

We recommend using the Bounty Brassware Basin Pop Down Plug and Waste
Product code 21801.01
When you remove the decorative flap it will expose your traditional circular basin waste hole with a 50mm diameter.
By using the Pop Down waste it will allow you to retain water in the basin for shaving etcetera
By popping it up water will drain through to waste.

What is the width of the top ledge (coping) of our baths?


What does delivery by Power Tail Gate (PTG) mean?

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How is the bath packaged?

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Headrest Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Only use a mild soap solution to clean the pillow
  • Only use a soft cloth
  • Do not use any strong detergents on the pillow
  • Do not use any abrasive cleaning products

Moving your bath from Driveway to your Bathroom

We strongly recommend a removalist for this job but if you are dead set on doing it yourself bear in mind that this is a VERY heavy object (even our lightweight baths are heavy) and if handled inappropriately can cause SERIOUS damage to person or product.

Here are a few tips

DO NOT move the bath around in the crate other than when it is 100% horizontal – the bath is not anchored in the crate, and it will shift and possibly cause damage

BEFORE you do ANYTHING make quite sure the bath is the one you ordered-do this by removing several screws holding the lid in position. ONLY if you go NO FURTHER than this and provided bath and crate (which if left outside could weather and not be returnable) are in 100% re-saleable condition and provided you pay all costs of returning the bath and absorb a 25% handling fee can it be returned AND provided it is NOT a special order.

You will probably need to break the crate to get access to the bath

The bath can be placed on either end PROVIDED

The bath comes GENTLY into contact with a soft and cushioned surface such as pillows, blankets foam etc.


KASKADESTONE PTY LTD will either repair or replace the guaranteed product where a fault is caused by faulty manufacture or faulty materials used in manufacture. This warranty is subject to correct installation procedure. This guarantee does not include removal and installation costs nor any transport costs. Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.

Warranty Period

7 year guarantee for all Kaskade cast stone baths and basins.


Regular Cleaning
Use warm water and a small amount of mild liquid detergent, such as dishwashing liquid.

Tougher Marks
Use a cream cleanser such as Jif Cream or Gumption, which is a mild abrasive and is not citrus based – for matt finish only. Always rinse with water and mild detergent after using cream cleaners.

Scratches and Repairs
If the surface has been damaged it is possible to repair the surface with sand paper.
We recommend this is carried out by a professional.
If the bath has a MATT FINISH you will need to sand the bath using 800 grit abrasive paper to remove the scratch and then work your way up to 1500 grit abrasive paper.
If the bath is GLOSS you will need to do the above, plus use 2000 grit wet and dry paper, then polish with an automotive polishing compound.

Painted Products
If you have damaged your painted surface you will need to contact your retail merchant or consult an automotive paint specialist for advice.