What does delivery by Power Tail Gate (PTG) mean?

Our baths come from our Factory in a fork-liftable crate.

When we deliver to Retailers the Retailer removes the bath from the truck by means of a forklift

Where Retailers want KASKADE to deliver direct to a customer’s driveway we utilise a truck with a Power Tail Gate

Here the driver uses a pallet jack:

To move the crate to the end of the truck and onto the tailgate.

This pallet jack can only move over a solid flat and smooth terrain.

The tail gate is lowered and with the aid of the pallet jack it is manoeuvred into a convenient place on the customer’s driveway or if impossible to be placed there it will be placed on the kerb.

This service does not take the bath into the bathroom – normally tradesmen on site will help with this.

Please advise if you believe a large power tail gate truck will be unable to navigate its way down your road to your home.